Christianity in Crisis
A book which warns of false teachers

Controversy for the Sake of Truth is a Divine Command
- Walter Martin

Christianity in Crisis

Imagine browsing in your local bookstore and reading statements like: You don't have a God in you, you are one. God cannot do anything on this earth unless we give Him permission. Satan conquered Jesus on the cross. Being poor is a sin. There will be no sickness for the saint of God... not even a headache, sinus problem, not even a toothache - nothing.

How would you respond? Past generations of Christians would have been shocked at such blasphemy. The truth, however, is that such statements have become commonplace in the books and broadcasts of a popular cultic movement which has now invaded the church. Under the banner 'Jesus is Lord', these teachers are leading thousands of unsuspecting Christians away from the Kingdom of Christ and into the kingdom of the cults. Christianity in Crisis is a rousing call for the church to take a firm stand for the faith 'once for all delivered to the saints'... while there is yet time to avert a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

This web page contains a portion from the beginning of Hank Hanegraff's paperback ISBN 1-86024-027-5 published by Word Publishing in 1993, and called "Christianity in Crisis".

The book deals with the topic of false teachers. Brother Hanegraff took over the presidency of the Christian Research Institute after the untimely death of Walter Martin whose research into many cults posing as Christian groups is probably for what he is best remembered. Walter served the Lord as a Baptist minister for many years.

Hank Hannegraaff


Hank Hanegraaff is president of the California-based Christian Research Institute. He answers questions live as host of the 'Bible Answer Man' broadcast, heard daily throughout the United States and Canada.

Walter Martin started 'Bible Answer Man' decades before, I think in New Jersey.

Hank Hanegraaff lives in Southern California with his wife, Kathy, and six children.

The book is published by Nelson Word limited, Milton Keynes, England. ISBN 1-86024-027-5


We publish here, under the "fair dealing" section of the Australian Copyright Act, the introduction to Part One of "Christianity in Crisis", being entitled "Turning the Truth into Mythology"... a prologue, as it were, to chapter 1 which is titled "Cast of Characters".

I have chosen this excerpt, as it shows in a fairy-tale format, how easy it is to distort the gospel. The words are those of the book's author, to illustrate this.

He ties each reference back to a provable quote, given in public, by verbal address, or in print, or both, by one of these so-called apostles or prophets of the Word of Faith Movement.

If you doubt this claim, please obtain a copy of the book from any Christian bookstore, details being above. I have followed up some of them and have no reason to believe those I have not followed up are false. In any event, those which I have followed up - for example - "men being little g gods" - is sufficient to show that they are teaching heresy.


This prologue is prefaced thus...


"The following tale is a composite of the erroneous teachings of individuals, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Frederick Price, and many others.

While not all the Faith teachers hold to every aspect of this tale, they have all made substantial contributions to both the production and the proliferation of these aberrations and heresies."


[Ed Note] One should first clarify the term Faith teachers.
By this meant a teacher using the doctrines of the Word of Faith Movement.


Now let us begin this, in true Fairy Tale style....


Well, there you have it - the skin of the truth stuffed with a monstrous lie!



As a further word of warning to you my reader friend, please spare a thought for where the infiltration of these teachings has reached.

I live in Australia. We have cross denomination ministries operating in almost every church. Young people go to Youth Alive. Bible studies are frequently the Alpha Course. Worship music is by and large taken from recent Hillsong compositions.

Even if you don't live in Australia, the chances are very real that you are using material that comes from those who teach such weird distortions.

Please go and read my warning page about these, which all fall under the same teaching banner as the above bizarre anti-Christ teachings. Link

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updated 24th January 2002