Press Release Nov. 15 1996
Benny Hinn Disaster in Rome

Terry Peretti

Philip Powell of "Contending Earnestly For the Truth" wrote in an editorial as follows...

"On the 28th November 1996 I received a fax from PFO, publishers (of "The confusing World of Benny Hinn") the book informing me that Benny Hinn resigned from AoG the previous month; that the AoG HQ in Springfield were keeping 'tight-lipped about the resignation' and that the Assemblies of God in Italy had boycotted Hinn's November crusade in their country".

Later I received a copy of November 15th Press release entitled 'BENNY HINN DISASTER IN ROME'. Written by Terry peretti, brother of the well-known author Frank peretti. This was originally listed on <> and is summarised as follows..."

[Quote Terry Peretti]

Pastor Philip Powell reiterates...

Our action in seeking to warn God's people about the aberrant teachings of benny Hinn and the false claims which have never been renounced has evoked serious accusations against us from AoG members in Australia, eg one of my faxes was marked 'Return to the accuser of the brethren' and another communication (sent in the mail) addressed to a National Executive member was returned with the following writing on the envelope 'Return to the Accuser'.

The truth is that we have reported facts, not made accusations. In the interest of truth and openness we have decided to include a section in CEFT for letters. Our motivation is not self justification but to openly state the truth...

For the record PFO informed us that Benny Hinn had his lawyer contact them in an effort to pressure them to cease publishing the book entitled "The confusing world of Benny Hinn". We too have received veiled threats of legal action from those who were our former colleagues. Their latest ploy is to accuse me of being contentious and divisionary.

It is sad to see the Church of Jesus Christ increasingly using lawyers and threats of going to the law courts to settle disputes among fellow Christians in direct opposition to the scriptural ordinance of 1Cor 6:1-8.


Webmaster's note

This is so similar to the actions taken by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints firstly in suppressing the private publication of initially approved First edition reprints of the Book of Mormon and a number of other volumes which they regard as "Scripture". And the court case they succesfully waged against Utah Lighthouse Ministry to suppress material their lawyers were able to convince a (Mormon) judge was confidential and unable to be passed on to their own members!

Where is the godliness of those described in both the situations described above? I believe that the Italian Pentecostals and Evangelicals should be applauded for having placed Biblical integrity before accepting a dubious emissary without credentials. And that AOG members in Australia need to wake up to what teachings they are allowing the leaders to infiltrate their organisation with. They could also ask why their leaders have dropped the name of Assemblies of God from key churches around Australia... are they ashamed of it?

Interestingly, Andrew Evans and Paul Newsham (both of whom returned those faxes to Philip Powell) are trying desperately hard to start a political party (called "Family First") in South Australia, and I'm willing to bet their aim is to create a nationwide one from it. With their autocratic manipulation of the AoG for decades, I see little likelihood of their political aspirations being appreciably different.

Who knows, these two may have found a more appropriate calling than being pastors.


Updated on 7th February 2002