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Welcome to my Personal Page, which gives a few pointers to what I think and believe, and why...

img989b.jpg (48308 bytes) I have believed in the existence of a "living" God for several decades. I first made a decision in that respect in February of 1966. On Monday the 14th of that month, Australia converted overnight to a decimal monetary system. Nine days earlier, I had entered the waters of baptism, by immersion, as a 31-year old adult, to substantiate that belief, in obedience to the scriptures. It was almost eighteen years later that I realised that the God who I had been worshipping was not that of the Bible.

The photograph above was taken back in 1978, when I still held those beliefs but had ceased to associate with that church organisation, and it shows me as a "dashing young man" of about 43 enjoying a six hour train journey on board the "Indian Pacific" express, travelling southwards from the outback town of Woomera in the far north of South Australia, to its capital city of Adelaide.

img280a (19449 bytes) This much more recent photograph is me as I look now, although the picture was taken in about 1996. It was shot at a quite formal occasion.

While we humans don't always feel any older as we age, we certainly tend to look it, more's the pity!

The reason for the pictures is to show that I am a real person, and not just something "created" in cyberspace!

Life FM 107.9

Adelaide's Christian broadcasting station, on the FM band, vcan be listened to while you are on your computer. All you have to do is to have a "Real Audio" adaptor on your web browser to be able to tune in while you are "on-line" on the internet. The station uses "streaming audio" which will play in real time if you have a sufficiently fast modem and service provider connection.

Their web page is at and by clicking here you can open a new browser at their site. It is a simple operation to add this station to your real audio player so that you do not have to launch Netscape or Internet Explorer just to listen to their progamming.

Where I go to church

Please take this link... church isn't about a building, but rather it is a group of people who follow Jesus Christ.

False and True Gods

I do not wish to cause personal distress to those very sincere people with whom I associated closely across Australia during the years 1966 to 1977, by being openly critical of their beliefs and the belief system to which they belong. Suffice it to say that I discovered my error, not without considerable soul-searching and pain, and I feel an overwhelming desire to share with them and their brothers in their gospel why I believe their God to be either a false God, or a false image of the true God, and why I believe the God whom I now worship is the true God described in scripture.

I am very grateful to them for showing me how Christians can interface with each other, in true brotherly love, the "filadelfos" (philadelphos in English) which enriched and encompassed the early church from AD 30-odd up to a couple of hundred years into this dispensation of history. Were that attribute not present, one has to wonder how it would be possible that nearly two thousand years ago so many of them went to brutal painful deaths in the arenas, the circusses, and the galleys, rather than deny their faith. One then has to ask oneself the question, would I also be prepared to suffer like they did?

Scientific outlook

I have placed links to several scientific experts - some would probably call these authors psuedo-scientfic - who have openly dared to dispute the way the world thinks about matters scientific, and the fact that there often appears to be conflicts in the opposing sets of data presented.

I have included a short piece about Imanuel Velikovski, who I have never met, but have been interested in his theories that the earth is not as old as the Darwinian experts claim, for many years. I have been inundated with emails trying to prove to me that Dr. Velikovski is wrong. Having an open mind, I have read this mail, but I have chosen not to incorporated them into my site.

I have spoken with with Barry Setterfield on several occasions; he lives in the same city as I do. Undoubtedly there are those who would vilify his reasearch, also.

I spoke on IRC (internet relay chat) with a Norweigian in early July 1999 about the book "The Bible Code" and our conversation was immediately bombarded with personal viewpoints of others who regarded this journalist's work as "crap" to quote one expression. Whether it is legitimate or not is irrelevant, I felt that as the enquirer had asked, and having the source information myself, I should respond. Consequently, this page has now been posted to this site.

Facts on Christianity

I am working on a section about what the basic faith statements of Christianity are, and a brief description of how the Christian "world" appears to have divided itself and why. Those who do not subscribe to Christian beliefs are often unaware of the subtelties of these basics, incorrectly thinking that Christianity is a programme of salvation by good works, whereas biblical teaching emphasises that the works exhibited will always follow a well-grounded faith - faith being far more than a mere passive belief in a nebulous topic. There will also be some information about some of my own thoughts which may be at variance with those of some, and also some information about the position of the Christians I choose to worship with, in relation to what God's revealed word says. This is because there are differences between every group of Christians in relation to Biblical truth and its interpretation.

Links to other websites where people much better versed in the English langauge have concisely explained their beliefs, their understanding of doctrines of Christianity, and the like will be set up in the near future. There will also be an area of light-heartedness, because if Christians believe that they are made in the image of their God, surely He must possess a sense of humour!

There will need to be some "stuff" about the belief system which I left, my having been expelled for falling out of step with their behavioural requirements.

My reason for not thinking their way any longer is not in any way associated with that expulsion. In fact after leaving, I continued to passively believe in their teachings for a further eight years before having a rather dramatic conversion experience, which had not, in fact, happened before. Thank you for reading so far.

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