Bill Randles...
an outspoken critic of
signs and wonders ministry

Making War in the Heavenlies...
A Different Look at Spiritual warfare

This book about 'Spiritual Warface', written from the biblical perspective which stands totally in opposition to that practiced by many believing Christians, I found fascinating. First published in 1994 in the USA, my copy is from the UK printing (in 1996). Publisher is St. Matthew Publications, 24 Geldart Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LX, UK. ISBN: 0-9524672-1-6.

why_tn.jpg (52520 bytes) This is not a commercial for a book selling company. See if you can find a copy in a secondhand book store, or on a friend's shelves. Or maybe order one from your Christian bookstore. It can be obtained from Christian Witness Ministries, Healesville, Victoria, Australia (03 5962 5426), or from Contending Earnestly for the Faith, PO Box LB1475, Egham, W1A 9LB UK.

C S Lewis wrote (in 'The Screwtape Letters') 'There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about the devils.

One is to disbelieve in their existence.

The other is to believe, and feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.'

The church today has failed to heed this warning!

In this book, Making War in the Heavenlies - a fresh look, Penetecostal Pastor Bill Randles speaks out from a fresh perspective on issues such as:

Pastor Randles is calling us back to the orthodox understanding of the true warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Ron Aucht, the author of Taught by the Spirit and Penetcostals in Crisis says:

'Bill Randles has hit a nerve! This book is saying things that have needed to be said for a long time. As I read this book, the Spirit of God bore witness with my spirit, overwhelmingly, that this is the truth.'

'Pastor Randles is addressing one of the churches' great problems, the substitution of mystical experience for Bible based Christianity. Anything that seems to work, or feels good, is called 'God'. We need to get back to measuring all things through the scriptures.

Pastor Randles has a wonderful eay of showing us what scripture says about the 'spiritual warfare' fisco taking place in the church, and showing us what true battle really is'.

Publisher: St. Matthew Publishing, Cambridge. ISBN 0 9524672 1 6

Bill Randles has written other material too, which is reviewed below...

More is in preparation

Beware the New Prophets...
prophets in this age?

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Jeremiah (the Old Testament prophet) wrote:

'An appalling and horrible thing Has happened in the land: The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule on their own authority; And My people love it so! But what will you do at the end of it?'

Jeremiah 5:30-31 (New American Standard)

I quote here from a published review of this book...

Pastor Bill Randles has touched on a subject of great importance today. The re-emergence of the Latter Rain Movement with its aberrant theology and careless eschatology is deceiving many within the ranks of Penetecostalism and Charismatism.

When this doctrine first emerged in the 1940s it was rightly challenged by mainstream Pentecostal denominations.

Today it is finding greater acceptance among those denominations' pastors, and has made great inroads among their national leadership.

The deception never really died; it went underground to await the day when sound doctrine would be of little concern among the leadership of the churches.

This book should help the uninformed, as well as those already aware of this deception, to understand the threat posed by today's self-proclaimed 'apostles' and 'prophets'.

Al Dager
Media Spotlight Report

Publisher: St. Matthew Publishing, Cambridge. ISBN 1 9015460 4 7

Weighed and Found Wanting...
The Toronto experience examined in the light of the Bible

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This is the book that started Bill's writing in earnest...he wrote in the mid 1990s...

The current 'renewal' or 'revival' that is being promoted by people like Rodney Howard-Browne, the Toronto Airport Vineyard, and others, actually has the potential of taking peoples' eyes off the God of the Bible and turning them to sensual manifestations and mystical experiences.

Unless some leadership is offered and discernment is applied, I predict that many of God's people will be hurt, disillusioned and even made shipwreck of their faith, as a result of this 'Mystical Revival'.

And to make matters even worse, all too many shepherds and leaders do not know whether to join, oppose, or ignore the growing movement. This lack of confidence principled leadership has thrown God's flocks into much consternation.

Many high profile ministries have endorsed this move. Unfortunately, peer pressure will sweep in many of the undecided. This book is written to challenge some of the prevailing notions, and to offer a different perspective to the public discussion. It is our desire to stimulate afresh, the vigorous Berean sport (Acts 17) in the family of God!

Bill Randles
Believers in Grace Fellowship
Cedar Rapids

Publisher: St. Matthew Publishing, Cambridge. ISBN 0 952 4672 0 8

Breaking down the Barriers...
the 'new' Unity

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This is the content of an address transcribed from tape at a Banner Ministries conference during 1996 in the United Kingdom. The issue he addressed then has rapidly become centre stage.

The formation of a new 'Apostolic Team' in the United Kingdom, including such people as Gerald Coates and Terry Virgo, the signing of 'agreements' and 'covenants' by local churches in towns and cities around the UK...

many of which include 'non-criticism' clauses...

means that churches are liable to be sucked into movements which are not biblical in their aims, doctrines or agenda.

In the transcript, editing has been minimised; it should therefore be read as a talk rather than a 'paper'.

Publisher: St. Matthew Publishing, Cambridge. ISBN 1901546039

If you are of the opinion that 'Pentecostalism' has always embraced the 'froth and bubble' (as I have heard it described) that has come out of the Charismatic Movement, you would be totally wrong. Until about 1993, I did.

While it is true that many Pentecostal churches - denominations - have accepted much of the so-called 'Word of Faith' teachings, this is a relatively recent thing, over maybe ten years or so.

The 'Charismatic' and 'Word of Faith' teachings sprang from the 1948 Saskatchewan revival; Pentecostalism predated this event by at least half a century.

Many individual Pentecostal churches have actually withdrawn their membership from their national bodies as a result, and many others are skeptical, and in some places where indoctrinated pastors have tried to implement these aberations, there has been considerable loss in established membership of the individual congregations.

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