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To share what I believe, why I believe it, and for no compromise in our lifestyle.

Is heresy rampant in the wider church?

Updated 22 Sep 2009

Bits of what I
believe in, and why

Why I feel my previous beliefs were falsely grounded

Is there something fundementally wrong with the Christian Worship Music industry

Some notes about a range of Christian topics by various people

Some more notes, this time by me

Was Israel's restoration to Palestine really at God's hand?

And is Israel still God's chosen race?

The Holy Land: Has God restored His people after "Sending Them Away"?

Heretic or Saint?
Bishop Spong

Alpha - what do you know about it?

Have you heard of the "Latter Rain" Revival?

What about the "New Wave" of the Holy Spirit?

Should YOU not pay for computer software just because you were given it, or found it on the web?

Internet Chat,
is it possible to "talk" with others in chat rooms about Christian values?

Where I Chat

A short tribute to the memory of
King Hussein bin Talal of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

I have always enjoyed the company of
dogs - frequently called 'man's best friend'

The words of Handel's "Messiah"

The Jerusalem Passion Oratorio

The "Red Shift" theory of changing speed of light of
Barry Setterfield,
and correlating biblical dating with scientific dating

Immanuel Velikovsky divided the "expert" world with his research disproving the earth is millions of years old.

The book "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosnin

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