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Barry Setterfield is a South Australian who is qualified in the sciences of geology and astronomy; he lives in the Adelaide hills, up in the cleaner air that high ground offers, and which before clean-air legislation was enacted here, would have helped him considerably in his study of the "celestial spheres".

Like Dr. Velikovsky, he has set out to show that the bible is a technically plausible account, an accurate historical record written in the language of the non-technological authors of the time, whose time-scale can be trusted despite claims by many of his peers that there is an enormous discrepancy there.

Before dismissing him as a "fundementalist" or a "religious crank", we should at least look at his credentials in the professional world, and remember that similar verbal attacks were delivered at Dr. Velikovsky, who while not believing in the existence of "a God", nevertheless believed in the accounts in his own Jewish heritage which claim to be the "word of God".

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Who is Barry Setterfield? He performed a complete mineralogical survey of South Australia for an international mining company, and lectured in astronomy for the Astronomical Society of South Australia for some years.

Amongst other work, he co-authored a scientific report on his research into the changing speed of light which was published in August 1987; this has fascinating implications for astronomy, geology, and universal timescales, some of which are discussed in his book "Creation and Catstrophe".

This research into the changing (progressively reducing) speed of light resulted in the name "red shift" being applied to his theory that the atomic timescale and the biblical timescale could acchieve quite a degree of compatibility without either necessarily having to be "wrong". One merely has to have an open mind, a factor which Dr. Velikovsky found difficult to locate among his peers, and which scientists who have no faith in the biblical account still have difficulty with in themselves.

Barry Setterfield's work in this field has become internationally known, receiving publicity in several European daily newspapers. He has lectured on the speed of light and a number of other subjects - not only in Australia but also overseas.

Because he has been unable to accept all invitations to present his research and related topics, some colleagues have lectured on his behalf at secondary schools, colleges, and universities in China, Hong Kong, North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

His public lectures on astronomical and geological topics have always been well attended. With his background in both science and religion, he is amply qualified to present the material entitled "Life, the Universe, and the Bible" which has been produced in videotape form in co-operation with Genesis Science Research.

Barry Setterfield has also produced a challenging video lecture entitled "The Christmas Star" in which he looks at historical records of the time and produces an interesting scenario which astronomically supports the biblical (New Testament) claims of a "star in the east" which attracted the "wise men" to search for the Christ-child.

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