Worship Music which is different

I used to attend a church which is associated with a small number of other fellowships around Australia and overseas.

Each of these churches has musicians gifted with the ability to create songs more appropriate to worship than some found in many other churches.

The Brisbane church of these associated fellowships has some delightful alternative worship music available to listen to on their website. Further down this page you have the opportunity to take some links and listen.

By alternative, I mean worship that does not concentrate on personal prosperity, or an exclusive right of the individual to require God to heal them at the snap of the fingers, nor indeed any of the other excesses often promoted by Charismatic churches - excesses from the 1948 "Latter Rain" Saskatchewan Revival about which which you may read my thoughts at a page you can reach from this link.

As mentioned above, the music from Brisbane is accessible on their website, and several links to .ra files that can be streamed from there, or downloaded to your computer and then streamed, are included below.

These are also available in mp3 format, but of course the files are very much larger.
If you need a RealAudio/MP3 player, a link is provided on the top frame of the site to a place where you may download one free.

So please, settle down, and listen to this reflective music for worshipping Almighty God, music which is designed to help us realise that God is the centre of things - not us - and that by drawing closer to Him on His terms, there we may truly find peace, and joy, and may look forward to a realistic relationship with Him.